Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time Lifts the Veil

I haven't finished my writing assignment for this week, yet. But I know I will. And I have all day tomorrow to do it.

I've had three days off work; three days in a row. And three to go.

Today I slept until my charges woke me up, demanding to be fed. Which I did. Then we all went back to sleep.

I woke up a couple hours later and was hungry myself. So I got up, had oatmeal with flax, half a banana, some blueberries. Read. Read in bed with the furry kids and went back to sleep.

We all went back to sleep. Cat time - nap during the day. It was lovely. Woke up a couple or so hours later with the cats still fast asleep. I got up and showered.

I went to my favorite sushi restaurant and ate my favorite sushi food: Spinach Gomae. Afterwards I went for an hour walk, with a turnaround stop for an iced Matcha Soy Latte.

Today I feel creative. I feel the writing flow returned. And while I haven't finished the story, I know I will. And I know I will write more and the words haven't abandoned me. And I haven't abandoned them.

The foggy veil which made writing seem near impossible is gone. Like making space for this trip to be possible, I have to remember to make time for writing to happen.

Space and time equals creativity.