Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Nice to Have Mentors

I posted an update on Facebook while I was at the coast. Which led to an appropriately short but gem producing discussion.

The gem came from a mentor - an experienced and skilled (an published writer).

I just wanted to share pieces of the conversation (edited down just a bit):

me: sometimes it's hard to keep telling the story my way - especially as I'm in the final edits of getting 25k-28k ready for a book contest. sometimes I think this is a dumb way to tell it; that I need to structure it a certain way. then I come back to myself, remembering this is *my* story. and they'll pick it or not. I don't want to write a formula book. I want to write it real and well. and what a win it would be!

friend AR: Win or not win, writing real and well is a triumph.

me: so true, A

mentor BHH: Trust that inner voice. And don't edit while you write. Just write.

me: thanks

BHH: You know how to do this. If you need me to look at anything, let me be the naggy editor voice, not you.

me: I'd appreciate another set of eyes on the part I'm going to submit. I have the basic chapters written. Over time, which means changes in voice and quality, of course - but also means there are different tenses... 
friend E: be true to yourself!! :o) ♥
BHH: Your questions are left brain. Just write the story. I'll help you with the organization. I'm excited too. Love what I saw of it.

I needed this conversation. I had an "ah ha" moment when I read "your questions are left brain." Yes. They are. A time and place, for sure. But for now, focus on the story.

And I do know how to do this. I'm beginning to see where I get myself trapped as editor while I'm still being the writer. Or at least I am at this moment. Not always - but recently.

Thank you, friends and mentor, for these words. I've made great progress since you said these things.