Sunday, May 1, 2011

"All the Pretty People" by Ariel Gore

I've had Ariel Gore's newest book, All the Pretty People, for a couple weeks, but just got time this weekend to read it. And I couldn't put it down. I had to put it down a couple times - but didn't want to.

I love this book. Her voice is authentic, the stories are funny and sad and connect to the human spirit, and her writing is witty and inspired.

From the early promo:

(The dirt on '70s suburban hippies!)

(The inside story on confused queer love in the '80s!)

This book has it all--love, shame, carob, suburban violence, Barbie envy...

Award-winning editor and memoirist Ariel Gore is exploring beauty, shame, Barbie-envy, '70s California pop culture, '80s love, and first cigarettes with a new novella of flash-memoir stories.

As spoken-word pieces, the stories in All the Pretty People have been wowing audiences from Portland to San Francisco to Albuquerque and beyond.
Here is a link to Ariel's website, where you can purchase this fabulous book,All the Pretty People !