Saturday, August 28, 2010

Razor's Edge for 8/27/10

Today you get word prompts. With follow-up!

Choose one of these prompts and write for 10 minutes. Go back and give them a slight clean-up edit if you'd like - but don't overwork them. The point is to keep the energy of the raw freewrite.

Then follow the instructions at the bottom of this post.

Prompt #1:

"As Eulah stepped from the pink Cadillac ...

Prompt #2:

"I stood at the edge, looking across the water to ...

Go - write for 10 minutes.

After a brief clean-up, make a list of 3 to 4 questions for a reader of this piece of writing. Select at least one person, preferably two or three, and email your story with the type of feedback you want to get.

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