Friday, October 30, 2009

NaNoWriMo: the excitement mounts

In 24 hours I will be at the midnight write-in for NaNoWriMo. No, we won't be writing, yet - but I will be there in order to get a seat and a place at the electrical strip! We will be meeting and greeting, challenging and chatting, playing and - well, I don't really know. Last year I slid in at about 11:54 pm and did, luckily, get a place to sit and a place to plug in. But this is a new place.

Who knows, there may be singing and dancing! I know writers will be appearing in costumes and pajamas and work clothes and whatever is clean clothes. It's all okay. We will be there to begin another year of NaNo-noveling.

So, on the Twitter site, I just saw the stats of participants as of noon or so today:

2009 Tally: 100,335 authors signed up. WOW! $116,887 on the fundometer.

That is really awesome. And there will be more registering tomorrow and Sunday - and even a few beyond that.

Now to sleep, so that I can get up early and go walk 11 miles with two of my half-marathon friends. In the rain. Early. It's all good and will get us ready for the wind and rain and cold we'll be facing in Seattle at the end of November.