Saturday, June 20, 2009

book on the brink

Okay! Okay! I know I should wait until we get the final proof editing done of the printed version. But I am so excited about the (extremely near) completion of this anthology that I want to tell my virtual world inhabitants that the book is on the brink of being released. Everything is uploaded and we are waiting for our proof copies to check the formatting and how it all looks in print. Once all of that is given the green light, I will post information about how you can order your own extremely reasonably priced ($6.32) copy of our book .

On the Fly: Stories in Eight Minutes or Less

A collection of short fiction and creative non-fiction -- each written in eight minutes -- these gems range from the raw as originally put to paper, to the peer edited and polished story. The writing shows the strength and energy that can be generated by writing quickly and honestly using prompts. The Collective's hope is to inspire writers in the sitting-down-and-writing-process and to provide enjoyment to both readers and writers. Introduction by Ariel Gore.
Soon, readers, soon! I will give a link to the publishing site when we've done our final proof. As a matter of fact, the book will probably live on the left side of my website for a while!