Thursday, June 26, 2008

play day

I saved out one day just for me. To play, write, walk, swim, whatever I want to do.

Whatever?!? Yikes!

~$50 in gas if I go to Seattle (PROS: Blue C sushi, Fremont, Daniel Smith; CONS : trafffffic, six hours driving minimum) or the coast (PROS: long walk on the beach, fresh air, out of town; CONS : four hours driving minimum) or central Oregon (PROS: out of town, pretty drive, nice scenery, potential for walking; CONS : over five hours driving, don't have "the" spot to go yet) .

The cost of coffee and lunch if I go on a walking excursion in town (after a swim, of course). Or about $5 more if I buy an all-day bus pass to supplement the walking.

So, with laptop, water bottle, and my yellow Miranda July book in tow, which way to go?