Sunday, March 16, 2008

For just a moment...

It's the end of the term for my brick and mortar classes and I have been grading tests and giving feedback on videos and making final preparations for the last final exam I'm giving at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Ah, nearly done. So I took a break and went to my PO box to discover that the virtual students I mentor just sent me more videos to watch and assignments to grade; I thought I had another week. And so it goes.

And goes.

I skipped my writing group today because I was overwhelmed with other activity. It wasn't easy to give up the writing companionship and time - but I knew it would only cause more stress to go and I would be further behind with what I need to accomplish. (And I hear my Alexander Technique teacher saying "that's end gaining" and, with a nod of agreement, vow to revisit that topic after I'm done with this bout of flurry. Thank you, Lauri Elizabeth; I remember.) And tomorrow I have my Write Around Portland group - which is one of the other things I needed to finish organizing today.

My promise to myself was that I would take a little break and do some writing and then I decided I'd post something here. Again, other responsibilities are encroaching on my creative time and energy - and I just keep remembering that it is only temporary. I'm still looking for that balance of teaching and working and writing and having a home life. Oh, plus sleep and exercise, the other two things I keep forgetting.

I have two other posts I want to write and have been taking grading and tax preparation breaks to gather information and links for those. But they're not ready, yet, and I don't want to rush them *smile.

Check back soon for posts on Art Cars (including a poetry car from around the Portland Metro area courtesy of Scarlet Star Studios creative advocate gl) and on poet Lucille Clifton. I have some things I'm excited to put into those writings and am looking forward to having enough time to write them up right.

But now my other duties are calling me back. And I feel better for having at least made the connection to creativity and writing - I know it's still there and I'll have time, soon, to hang out with them and see what I can do.

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