Friday, November 2, 2018

NaNoWriMo #11 : Day Two

I skipped the business meeting at the conference this morning and slept in a bit. I've been running on low sleep for a few days due to the conference being an inverted schedule from my norm. So today I only spent twelve hours at the conference - but it was a pretty good day. Some very interesting research is being done in this profession and some changes are coming.

But probably the highlight of the day was being able to attend Shabbat. It was a special honoring of the two Black people killed at the grocery store last week, and the Jewish people killed at Temple before that, and The Thirteen. The people who organized and performed the ceremony were very open and invited any conference attendees who wanted to, to join them. It was moving and I am glad I was able to be present, to be a part of honoring the recent victims.

Then after the evening workshop, we came back to our room and I finished up the homework for my online chapbook making workshop. I am still loving this workshop (with Ariel Gore, in the Literary Kitchen) and I am in love with my little book so far. (Photo below of a rough mockup of the project.)

And after all of that, I wrote on my NaNoWriMo project. The working title is "Midnight, Raisin Toast, and You." My total word count right now is 3,716. This is ahead of the target for today by about 400 words.

I'm happy. I'm sated. I'm going to bed because 6:30 AM comes very early for me.