Friday, January 13, 2017

It's 2017 and we have Snow

*from January 13th : This was in my draft file. I could edit it or delete it. Thought I'd go ahead and send it out there though for what reason, I'm not sure. [1/24/17]*

Short and quick update. No, not a belated New Year's Resolution post or a looking back post. Or a future casting post.

This is me saying, hey! It's 2017.

And we are in snow event #4 : two in December 2016 (early for us here in Portland, OR, if we get any at all), and two in 2017. Already, two significant snow events. The last one was barely done and here we are with lots of snow. Again, lots of snow for us, I realize.

I haven't been home since Tuesday morning and it's now Friday night. I was working when this snow hit and the roads and traffic were bad even when I got off work late. I was hopin

*update: 1/24/17 .... end of the draft. What was I hoping? I don't know. Maybe I was hoping to get home the next day. I didn't. I wasn't able to return home until after work until Wed 1/18 (off work at 1 AM; got home at 4:30 AM because I sat at Shari's, writing, waiting for things to thaw a little more and temperatures near home to rise enough to make it safe(er)).*