Monday, May 19, 2014

Not Quite Unproductive

I've been off work for almost a week. Taking time to chill and attempt to do nothing, to be unproductive, which is relative. Doing nothing has included walking every day, playing taxi, taking naps, going to the store for things we've run out of and things we forgot, wandering, looking for inspiration, meandering on the internet, reading, doing dishes. And following the updates for the Federal judge to overturn the marriage equality ban in Oregon (which happened today!).

Then today a shift happened. A return to editing the M-book. Another look at where it is now. I'm finishing up this draft - even though I know there are some major changes I will be making. But I need - want - to get this version's edits completed before I move forward.The goals for this version were to fill in some gaps of the story and to even out some inconsistencies and redundancies. I am about 85% done with this version, which I hope to complete before I return to work.

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