Sunday, February 6, 2011

moving forward

The whirlwind of work and teaching - which is one of the forms of work I do, I realize - and theatrical interpreting preparation - another type of work I do, but unique - have all collided, again. Collision of commitments and desires and needs.

But this time I'm keeping my awareness and not hiding from the knowledge that it's a little hard right now to keep everything going and to keep some care of myself. And I'm not giving up.

This is progress.

This includes not giving up on my writing. I've been keeping up fairly well with the online class/workshop. Until now. When I have a story due tomorrow. Make that due today, by the end of the day - and I've barely started. I have some notes and some ideas which don't really follow the assignment but that's okay. But I haven't written it yet. And now I'm tired and need to get some sleep. Because tomorrow I work.

But after the rehearsal which was after a 90 minute nap in my car which was after a very early and long job I came home and - voila - I did some editing. Then I submitted two pieces of writing to two publications.

And now I must go to bed. I'm tired. But in a good way.

I'm maintaining consciousness in a time of high activity and I'm maintaining my writing. Even if I got a little blocked up on this week's assignment. And even if this week's assignment should have been easy. But I did also get some drafts done of job descriptions and contracts for review for a theater where I work; that was writing, even if it's not quite as creative.

Moving forward!