Wednesday, May 14, 2008


what is it?
how do i get it?
do i want it?
do we all get to play with it?

can we all be empowered simultaneously?
update: I started this post by making a few comments to remind myself what I wanted to talk about. Then time goes on, as time tends to do, and I returned to see my notes and starts of posts and, well, I don't remember how this one started.

Certainly I have been contemplating the issue of power. Who has it and what it means and how some of us sometimes have misconceptions of what it means to have power and, maybe, believe that if I have power then someone else doesn't have power. And wonder about how we can all be empowered in a positive and healthy way and remove the scarcity thinking.

So, however this idea came about, it is still here as something to consider. And I wonder how to show that in stories without using the word power or empowerment. How to show who has the power and who doesn't or what may not look like power may be a position of power. But not to fall into common traps or contrived situations so the reader is left yawning.