Thursday, January 31, 2008


Storytelling doesn't have to be done with words. Words are certainly one of the main tools of the writer, but a story can be told without them. Visual artists use pictures, sometimes literal and sometimes symbolic, to represent what they want to say.

Here are two stories created for outdoors setting; no words or sentences - what we commonly think of as language - were used. There are links related to each picture to learn more about them.

The above story was created as part of
"Art in the Forest" in 2007.

The picture at right is the German artist,
Wolfgang Folmer,
at work on a different piece in his studio.

If you collaborated with an artist on a story, what medium would you want to use? Would you want your created work to be indoors or outside? Would you want to include words? sentences? What would the story be about? What genre would you use as vehicle?