Friday, November 7, 2008


I've been waiting for my writing totem to appear. Other than the mug of coffee with soy milk and either my jammies if I am home or my found-in-New-York striped scarf if I am out in the world, I haven't had that little something which leads me forward as I travel the novel in a month road.

On Wednesday, I was given the gift of totem. Whew.

The Write Around Portland group I have been facilitating ended on Wednesday. Among a basket of things the group very sweetly put together (of things from a piece I had written, which had become an example for an exercise we did - such as a can of Campbell's tomato soup, jello, Tang - don't ask, when I get the piece cleaned up I will post it or publish it and you'll see, it makes sense) ... among the things was a Yellow Rubber Ducky cheerleader complete with pompoms.

I immediately knew that was my writing totem. When I am not writing, the ducky lives on the dash of my car, a reminder that I will get back to it and that I am rightly doing what I need to be doing at that moment - and my novel will move forward.

It makes me smile! Thank you wonderful writers of the group for this gift.