Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaNoWriMo: day 11

Today I met with a writing friend at a coffee shop to write. The two of us have been meeting sporadically for a couple years to talk about writing, share writing, and sometimes we even did write, although that was probably the thing we did the least amount of together. He is also an interpreter, so sometimes a portion of our time together was spent on that topic. And his wife is pregnant (their first) so that has entered our conversation, too.

But not today.

Today we spent three hours writing. Okay, I'll be honest. We spent the better part of three hours writing; little snatches of conversation, mostly about writing and writing friends - probably a total of 30 minutes out of the 180 minutes. It was great. The coffee was great, too (True Brew on SE 11th in Portland, OR).

And I met my total word count goal for the day (plus a little). I am now at 18,437. I thought about pushing ahead tonight and getting in some more, but decided to take a night off, rest up, and play a little. I do have three days away at the coast coming up, just me and my laptop. With the hope that I can get some major work done on this novel and get way ahead of where I need to be.

By the way, my friend is not doing NaNo, but he is working on a novel and a script and a short story. He likes to have three writing projects going at once.