Tuesday, November 25, 2008

random: adding to a rant

Some time ago I wrote about overhearing several conversations about "scheduling births." I was indignant about women who were scheduling way ahead of the when their babies would be born - either through induction or through a planned C-section. I do understand that some women must have a C-section for a variety of reasons; I guess I wasn't really talking about them. I was talking about those who pick a date based on whatever it is they base it on - I guess when they are assuming conception happened and taking the average time a baby is supposed to gestate and then scheduling the birth like they schedule their haircuts and manicures.

Then today I heard a lecture where there is a new reason there are more induced labors and C-sections: doctors' schedules. Yikes. I had not even considered that as a reason. I know the docs are busy; I think many of us average people are busy, too. But some docs apparently have a specified amount of time they can hang around waiting for a baby to be born. Which means the time of birth is, apparently, also subject to economics.