Monday, November 10, 2008

NaNoWriMo: day 9 = slogging

I did make it to the cumulative word count total for today. It took several short bursts of writing - primarily due to my schedule today - with a final sprint at 11:30 pm. But I did make it to over 15,000 today before midnight.

At 11:49 I updated my word count to 15,162 (the goal was 15,003).

It's interesting that what started out as the main characters are the ones moving the slowest and the least is happening with them. I mean, there is something major, but it is slow and being dragged out so that I am not even sure they are still the main characters. They are; but the action lies elsewhere, unless watching slugs move through grass excites you. Hopefully they will pick up the pace a bit.

One thing I am wondering, though, is whether that generally critical internal editor has a hand in this. A few days ago I was given the basic structure of a plot by the characters - with details omitted and a sense of what that will look like, absent. So I wonder if the internal editor is not happy with that plot and is forestalling having to actually deal with it.

See see!