Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NaNoWriMo: day 19


I can see the winner's circle.

The plot is falling into place. One character has just recovered from a serious shock and may have been exposed to a chemical agent used to kill a coworker. Another character is just about to reveal a major plot point. The lost person has surfaced, although significant others are unaware of this. And a second major plot point has been hinted at for the reader, although the exact nature of the situation has not been revealed.

I have been going through what many other NaNo writers have been discussing online: telling the characters, "You want me to do what with you?!?" But I'm following along. Some parts are moving slower than others, although my speed overall is better. Sometimes when I think, "this is stupid!" I remind myself that it is less stupid than some of the things I saw in a couple episodes of Monk on TV last weekend (don't get me wrong; I'm a fan of Columbo and the original Get Smart and Monk has its moments - but it is poorly written, implausible, and sometimes made me feel proud that a good deal of what I've written has more redeeming literary qualities than what I was watching! I know, I know - TV and books are completely different venues with different expectations and construction; or should be).

I had a lucky break today because my car had to go into the shop (sniff), but it is right next door to a coffee shop with wifi and plenty of outlets and seats (yay), and they didn't mind that I sat there for five hours. I did buy a latte and a breakfast bread, then later a tuna sandwich and a pot of tea. And I logged nearly 3500 words today. I did have to reschedule a meeting because I could not get there car-less...

I will be a winner!