Thursday, November 13, 2008

NaNoWriMo: day 12


Look at that word count go. Today another little plot development surfaced; and exactly what it is is not clear - though there is a man in a somewhat coma state. I haven't been told who the man is, yet. There are three likely suspects.

I am thrilled to be at 20,000 words. And I am terrified. What will I do with the other 30,000? Oh my gosh! The novel is not done, yet, but I can't yet imagine what I will do with all of those words. Maybe the unraveling and revealing of the plot will take that long, but somehow, I don't see it.

Never the less: one foot in front of the other! bird by bird! one brick at a time! baby steps! just keep moving forward!

Any other phrases for keep it up, *little by little* and you will get through.

Oh, how about this famous one: Just Do It (Nike claimed that one).