Monday, April 1, 2013

Challenge : A is for Adventure

One of my favorite A-words is ADVENTURE. And that's what this month is going to be: an adventure in daily blogging (skipping Sundays to make it all come out right) and having each day focus on consecutive letters in the English alphabet.

I'm looking forward to the Adventure of discovering where I find each letter leads me and seeing where others go, as well. I've already selected  the blogs to follow, which includes a few right after me in the blogroll and the fellow Wayward Writers who are embarking on this journey. Er, Adventure.

I know some people have themes for their A to Z Challenges. But not me. And are we surprised? No! Because I'm approaching this as I approach NaNoWriMo and pretty much any writing which is not editing - with my mind open and letting the prompt wash over me and see what comes up floating.

So, while others may focus on their novels (I can't wait to see how Rocky reveals bits about his novel in progress through the alphabet) and others may use landscaping or spiritual practice or editing, or so many others I haven't yet seen - my only focus is, living and writing. And Adventure.

I have had some travel adventures and some of those have been shared here in the blog over the five years it has been in existence. There was joining a dragon boat team, being in a walking long distance relay team, walking races, a half marathon, learning to kayak and taking a major dunk on the first trip out. Oh, and the big Adventure of going down the Grand Canyon for eight days with a large group of people. Awesome Adventure.

I've also taken an Adventure in writing the memoir. Which is still in the editing phase. I'm currently getting yet another round of feedback and edits from a couple of other writers. After which the next manuscript draft will be firmed up, more edits made I'm sure, and then find a few people who are willing to read it from {cover} to {cover} and see it as a whole piece. Then tell me where the holes still are or the cloudiness or the puzzlement which stops the reader. If any.

In the past I took the Adventure of becoming a step-parent. Which I will now say was somewhat accidental and, I'll admit, I thought I could escape. As a young twenty-five year old I thought I could live with my partner and the two children and not be a step-parent. But I was wrong. And that was okay. So as much as I declared as a very young adult, before I met my partner, that I would never become a mother - the universe had other plans and I fell in love with someone with two children. I became a mother.

Adventure. A good word which I believe is important for life. Adventure can be a big trip - climbing tall mountains, canoeing long and remote rivers, hiking scenic mountain ranges, or cross country skiing through forests on freshly fallen snow. But it can also be a journey inward, to your true self, your spiritual self, to merge with your muse and find your creative spirit. It can be found in a book, listening to a piece of music, looking at art created by another, watching the body of dancers on a stage or the lawn or on a highwire. Or watching a film, a live theatrical production, kids playing at a waterpark, lovers in a restaurant, skateboarders outside on a cloudy day.

Adventure is what inspires you and fills you up. Gives you hope and foundation for another day.

Adventure. What's one small thing you can do to surprise yourself today?

And a special thank you to Arlee Bird for coming up with this creative Adventure of the A to Z Challenge!