Saturday, April 27, 2013

Challenge : X is for Xylophone

X is for Xylophone. And X-ray. And XYZ (which can be a generic filler/space holder or, I saw on that it is also slang for "examine your zipper").

But I'm going with Xylophone. That was the first X word which came to mind.

Drats! I just thought of X-Files. That would be fun to write about. See, my partner and I are re-watching the series from beginning to end. We started out watching them together on streaming Netflix. But my partner is home more than I am and had a tedious project to work and and wanted something to watch while she did it. So she watched a few X-Files and got ahead of me. It's fine - we watched a few together recently, again, and there are plenty more to go. It's funny now to see some of the things which were so technologically advanced when it started. The giant mobile phones and the dot matrix computers with giant monitors and clicky keyboards which make that sound you no longer hear when you depress the keys. I missed a lot of the shows when it was on the first time. Truth be told, I wasn't into it for a while.

Okay, back to my word for today: Xylophone.

As a kid we learned to play them in school. Not very well, but as background sounds for choir or in music classes. The kind of music classes they no longer offer. At least not here. But there was a traveling music teacher who brought all kinds of things to make music an sounds: xylophones, castanets, maracas, kazoos, and more. It was about exposure to music and fun and learning to put sounds together to make songs.

I have fond memories of the colored xylophones, even though I haven't touched one in years.

So, today, X is for Xylophone.

photo from A is for Angela