Thursday, April 11, 2013

Challenge : J is for Juxtaposition

J is for Juxtaposition. I like that word. The sound of it, the feel of it in my mouth when I say it, the challenges it raises when I sign in, the way doesn't quite flow from the pen onto paper - the way spans the length of the keyboard as I type it.

As it doesn't flow to produce the word, so it doesn't flow in definition. By which I mean that a Juxtaposition is generally placing things together which aren't normally found that way. It doesn't have to be that there is tension between the objects places side by side, but often - at least in creative and artistic uses - it is.

In art, Juxtaposition is frequently used to show tension, inconsistencies, to make a point or give graphic representation to concepts one is trying to show to convince, evoke, or expose. I suppose that Juxtaposition is prevalent in dance, which is one reason I like it. And in theater. Aren't performances all about Juxtaposition? What goes together, what doesn't? What is present or absent, in the concrete or the abstract?

I was also thinking that Juxtaposition is what we use as writers. Juxtaposition isn't limited to just the visual arts, but to literary as well. We can Juxtapose a character in a setting and see how the story plays out. We Juxtapose two characters or two families or generations into a story to evoke those same senses as visual arts: tension, meaning, definition, and familiarity or dissimilarity.

J is for Juxtaposition.

I did a little wandering around the internet, looking for images others put up to represent Juxtaposition. Here are a few I found...

from Creative Studies Blog
from Keeping Your Head in (All) the Game(s)

from Creative Studies Blog


  1. Aww... your pictures wouldn't download for me. I enjoyed your post anyway. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you for coming by and sorry the pictures wouldn't load! Hmm. If you want to try again, the caption for each one takes you to the original page. My favorite - or the one that makes me smile - is a young child with summer orchid colored pants, nearly white shirt, red hat with her back to the camera standing and facing a (zoo?) tank where a large polar bear is in the water, facing the camera) looking at the girl.

      Anyway - thank you for coming by!

  2. Love this post. And I learnt a lot, so thank you :)