Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day Two - An Early Drop In Production

I should reword my title: It's not an "early drop in production," it was a "score one for technology" day!

Yes, that's it. Blame the technology.

No, really. This is not a "dog ate my homework" scenario - this was real. After a technically traumatic start to the day yesterday with the Blackberry update erasing all of my emails and the accounts overnight and entering everything in triplicate into my phone, two hours (when I should have been sleeping) on the phone first with my provider then with Blackberry - I was looking forward to fleet fingers and dancing laptop keys. But not, my computer froze up so I was going to try to get a bit more in via my Blackberry. Then my Blackberry developed a new problem.

So - I did get a little bit done today - but not what I wanted. I expected my word bank to last a little longer than it did. But at least I had it, so I'm still on target!

I'll get ahead again. I will.

Ending day two with a total NaNoWordCount of

The third major character has been introduced and she's a little grumpy today. But she did recount the warnings of the mustache sucking, menthol cough drop inhaling, acid coffee drinker who sold her the gun.
"me shooting my first gun" by deviantart