Friday, November 11, 2011

NaNoWriMo 11-11-11 (Day Eleven)

I didn't get all the way caught back up to the total word count goal for today - but I'm closer. I did write over the minimum number of words by just a bit - but not enough to get me caught up from yesterday's day off of writing.

I'm ending today with a total word count of 17,227. By the end of tomorrow, the goal is 20,000. I don't know that I'll make that target - but it really depends on how things go tomorrow. It could be a very productive day or a very unproductive; I don't think it's an either/or.

An update on the online workshops: I did get through the remainder of the ones I wasn't too thrilled about. I'd started several of them a couple of times in the past - so I primarily needed to review them with the post-tests and then submit all the paperwork. And there were two I hadn't watched at all ... so I did, completed the post-tests, and faxed them all in. That set is done. On the second group of online workshops, I had an email conversation with the instructor and creator - and she offered to give me a one-month extension. Which I graciously accepted and am very thankful for. The second set are the ones I really want to be able to focus on the material - some of it is new or at least more in-depth information about an interpreting specialty and I really want to learn it; it's something I do - and I want to do it better. Now I have the time to do that. The ones which were almost entirely redundant information (a lot of which I teach or have taught) - I'm done with; there was one of those which did give me some new ways of talking about (and teaching) a particular part of interpreting.

Back to NaNoWriMo : the story is going okay. It's a little slow and boring to me right now. I think my writing is stalling a bit because I'm getting into territory where I need to look up some things because it's not an area I know much about. I will also check the NaNoForums - I know there is a research sharing thread in there and I'm sure someone can give me more information about learning to shoot guns: what it feels like, smells like, looks like, and so on.

And I still don't know if the person found dead by a kid was a suicide or murder (or an accident - but that wouldn't make for a very exciting story, so I do suspect foul play either from an outside source or from the dead person herself). Juliette with the super powers hasn't arrived yet - but the loner with the gun is headed to the range, the OCD landscaper is watching the moving van, and the "says funny shit" character is rushing home to check on the dead body reported by her son.

Oh - and I'm checking flights to San Francisco (or Oakland) for next weekend. Looks like we/I will be flying down instead of driving. Makes sense, really!

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