Monday, November 21, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty One

This morning my friend and I got up in the hotel in San Francisco, after our Night of Writing Dangerously, with a bit of a candy buffet hangover (though we were both careful to eat protein, too, and the vege and fruit kabobs).  And both with great increases in our word count.

And we needed breakfast. We found a great place one-third of a mile away called the Oz Lounge, which serves breakfast until they close  at 3:00 pm. And it was a great breakfast and we were the only customers until near the time we left. Yum.

Then the shuttle van called and said they were coming 35 minutes earlier than they said in their electronic message last night. Which was 15 minutes earlier than we'd reserved. And so, we were on our way to the Oakland airport earlier than we intended and we arrived at the airport before the time we had reserved our pick up from the hotel. To discover that the baggage check counter didn't open for another hour.

Another piece of my continuing lesson in patience and going with the flow. Which was capped by an apparent security breach so we were told we had to walk to the other terminal and go through that security and then back track to the one to the airline we were on.


As we passed our terminal's security entrance, the guard with the dog came out and gave everyone the all clear. The long walk for my already sore friend was avoided. Good news.

And now, we are home. Her in her home and me in mine. And it's much colder here and wetter here. This morning mid-50s and sunny; now low 40s and very wet. San Fran in the morning; Portland metro in the evening.

I opened my laptop and I wrote. And I wrote. And it wasn't easy but I kept going. And I kept my on the mark with the target word count.

My current word count is 35,308.

And the inspiration and fun and community of last night carried me through.

Thank you, Chris Baty, for this amazing thing you have grown. And best wishes for your new career as a full-time writer, author as you turn over the reigns to the new OLL director.