Saturday, November 12, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day Twelve

Through doubts and writer's block and feeling just plain unable to write a word - whether for my NaNoNovel or for the Lit Star Training class assignment due tomorrow. I was so down and frustrated and hopeless.
But I slogged on - each stroke of the pen drawing words I didn't really like. Each sentence seeming stupid and pointless.

I jotted ideas for the assignment. I balked and said "I can't!" I thought about the novel in progress and had no idea where to go next - especially since it was all by hand. I was definitely not in a write by hand mood but I had no choice.

Then an idea. Two writing tasks - so why not combine them? And I did.

No, I'm not proud of what I wrote. Yes, it needs work - of course it does. It is in the novel and it is spawned from the class assignment.

I did it. I wrote. And I wrote almost 1900 words to bring my total NaNoWords to 20,060 - about 50 over the goal for today.