Thursday, November 7, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 7: Going Old School *grin*


This has been a very long work day. Two work sites. Which is good in terms of the finances - especially with the 13.5% property tax increase which is due next week. But it was not so good in terms of writing time.

I did manage to get in the minimum amount of Wii exercise before I showered and got ready for work.

Which was followed by work number one.

Which was followed by work number two.

Did I write? Yes I did. In breaks, by hand. Shock and awe - yes, I wrote by hand.

But don't be too much in awe. There are some authors who are doing their entire NaNoNovels by hand. I've seen them. They're very crafty. Last year my friend and I went to the statewide write-in in Salem and there were several people writing by hand. A couple of them even won some word wars. You know, the facilitator starts the timer and we all write like crazy, as fast as we can for the specified amount of time, which is usually ten minutes. And twice it was won by people writing by hand.

Today I wasn't fast writing by hand but it was all I had. So I did.

Plus a few words written between the two jobs.

I didn't hit the daily average benchmark today; but I did break 1000 words.

My ending word count for day seven is 15144. Yay for me! On Saturday the total word count goal is 15,000 words, so I still have my two-day cushion even though I missed the mark for today.