Friday, November 22, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 22: Dinner Gathering

photo by my Tuesday writing partner, Rooze.
Today I wrote 1821 words and my ending total count is 39213.

It may be hard to wrap up this story in 11000 more words and that's okay. I see the goal in sight; I will make the 50000 word goal. It may be November 29th when I finish, or perhaps the 30th. I have a long writing day lined up next Tuesday, a few extra hours tomorrow and next Wednesday. Other than that, I will be writing with my usual time - around work and sleep hours. Then, just in case, I have Saturday 11/30 wide open for writing; unless I need to add another viewing of the play I'll be interpreting in a couple of weeks.

I do plan on continuing this story until it's done. I like it. There are some NaNoErrors, I know. Some conflicting facts. Some lousy writing. Maybe a few gems. And some likable characters. I like the basic story and I think it's worth finishing and then revising. So far, at least!

The cast, director and her partner, the playwright, and a couple of tech crew guys are just sitting down to dinner at the coastal retreat. I believe that after dinner there will be a discussion about the script and we might find out a few more details. I mean I might be told a few more details. Right now I know very little about the play they've been working on, other than that it does includes some dance, has something to do with energy and movement, and a few other details.

It was a good writing day. Tomorrow will probably be a little less, due to work and then attending a performance tomorrow night.

Writing it going well. I'm satisfied with my story and writing right now. And that feels great.