Monday, November 18, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 18: And, We Have a Poet!

Finally, the poet in my NaNoNovel has been revealed. I thought it would never happen and that I'd have these poems hanging around with nowhere to go. But, it happened. The poet has shown himself. Now I can put in the poems somewhere appropriate. I think a couple of them were written by someone else to him, and that's okay. But at least he has made an appearance.

My total words written today (mostly before work, though I did squeeze some in on my dinner break tonight) is 2046. My total word count right now is 33,145! Woo!

As soon as they are done with the ice breakers, the characters will be having dinner. Some may go for a walk on the beach (that's my plan for them). And then, later at night but not too late, a surprise visitor will be showing up.

Unless she changes her plans. One of the characters who is already at the retreat house knows about it, but she has said nothing. It will be a good surprise. I think. We'll see what she has up her sleeve when she gets there.

In addition to giving the big reveal of the end of the play they've been working on.

But wait! What about the dead body discovered in the opening scene? We still don't know who it was. Or what happened. And what about the actor who disappeared. His replacement is the poet, so that was a good exchange from my author's vantage point. But those two things - a body, a disappearance - are only two of several dangling enticements which have yet to come to fruition. I think things are about to be exposed, though!