Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 5: The Writing Machine

Today was a very productive writing day. Even with working a long shift, I managed to exceed the NaNoWriMo daily average and expand my word cushion a little more.

Here are my accomplishments today:
- I wrote 2045 words on "The Center of the Universe," my NaNoNovel;
- I wrote a poem about cheese and posted it in the online poetry workshop;
- I worked on a professional article (to, hopefully, be printed at the same time as the release of the related standard practice paper);
- and I arrived at work on time.

Yes, I did all of that before going to work. And I did a 30 minute workout before work.

Today the director finally showed up at the auditions. One of the actors crossed a personal boundary with the stage manager. And the actual auditions have begun.

My ending word count today was a whopping 10,955. I felt so good when I headed to work. It was a great writing session with my Tuesday writing buddy; a great writing day.