Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Deaf Sound Artist - oh, and NaNoWriMo Day 12 Update


First the NaNoWriMo update: today I wrote 1923 words before work. This brings my NaNoNovel total word count to 22514. The blackout happened; there was a scream; a bloody hammer appeared on the stage floor; and the tech director has reappeared. Two actors went to the green room to check on the director and actor, who were having a serious discussion following an altercation with another actor.

NaNo : To Be Continued.

Thank you to an interpreter in Oslo who sent the video's link to me. The video is of sound artist Christine Sun Kim, who is Deaf. Don't worry; it is captioned for the signing impaired. And, yes, she is a sound artist and performance artist. I would love to see her in person some day. I think she'd be a natural fit for PICA's T:BA festival; that would be awesome.

Todd Selby x Christine Sun Kim on Nowness.com


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