Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Radical Writer Confronts a NaNoCold: NaNoWriMo Day 13

I am being diligent in resisting this cold which is hitting almost everywhere I go. Where I work. Where I write. At home. I. Will. Not. Get. Sick.

"Germy" by Dot
But I have the early signs of the illness, according to my partner : namely, a little "blue" and a feeling like everything is an uphill battle, a little tired with spurts of energy which disappear, and a few aches. This morning I felt like I had the beginning of a runny nose - but thankfully that has gone away.

I skipped swimming today because of this. But I am taking walks on my work breaks, because getting exercise isn't the problem - but sometimes the chemicals in the pool irritate my throat on good days (they seem to have moved away from the Salt Pure system, but it still seems to be low chlorine).

Anyway - enough of that!

It's NaNoWriMo Day 13 and, despite the feeling of this being a worthless endeavor and the writing is stupid and why am I stressing myself - I'm still writing. I will not let the mid-month blahs set in and I will not let the stubborn germs take hold.

I did get some extra sleep. And I did retrieve my coat from the writing place where I forgot it yesterday (another illness coming on symptom for me). And I wrote. This is just the type of day for which I like to have some extra words in the bank.

Today I wrote 1153 words before going to work, for a closing word count of 24,030.

This writer, whether feeling at all radical or not, will not be stopped from writing by a little cold germ.