Saturday, November 24, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 24 : Sleep and Slow Down

I wrote about 400 words on my NaNoNovel today. Again, that's okay. I stayed up pretty late doing something which turned out to not be necessary, I found out several hours later when I made my "middle of the night" bathroom trip (which was actually middle of most people's mornings - oh well).

Then one of the contractors was in the house to do some more work in the downstairs bathroom. No, it's still not done. Yes, it's the place where our washer and dryer live, so we're still without those. Which means, yes, this is important work and he has been very considerate in not coming over until after 10:30 AM because of my work schedule.

So I had to get more sleep. Which wasn't easy with a contractor downstairs, hammering, sawing, drilling, and so on. And a cat who was thrilled to have one of us still in bed so he could have a body to nap on; after a few turns around and readjustments. I did get the amount of sleep I needed but it was spread out. And it meant I got up very late.

I did move the story forward a bit.

I did get to work on time.

I did get in a walk.

I did make progress on organizing some samples for next week's workshop.

So I guess it was a good day despite the late start. Though not much progress on the NaNoNovel Which Needs a New Name.