Monday, November 19, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 19 : Illuminating

The storm was raging hard this morning. Winds blowing the ocean back against itself and causing it to find alternate pathways to the shore in places. Trees were shipped forward and back and sideways.

And at 9:30 AM the power went out in this whole tiny town. Trees had come down across power lines along the coast highway. Water had flooded the highway north of here and only large trucks were being let through. Other highways closed because of trees, an accident, overturned trucks.

And I sat her with a fully charged laptop, a mostly charged Blackberry with minimal data connection and I wrote. And wrote.

The power finally came back on about 9 hours after it went out. We were able to make a hot dinner and hot tea and watch a couple of rounds of Law & Order. And I wrote some more.

My new total word count is 43,277 and today I wrote just a hair under 4,400 words.
Now, time to get ready for bed because tomorrow morning I head for home.
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