Sunday, November 18, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 18 : Writing Out the Storm

It's been very stormy all day today. It did pick up, as predicted, about 5 PM. I haven't heard for sure, but they said there would be winds up to 70 mph and higher gusts, with buckets (my word) of rain. And that is what it felt like.

We did venture down to one of two restaurants in town for burgers, lattes, and wifi. I'm lucky that I do have mobile service at the cabin; most carriers don't here at all. So I have been able to check email, post to Facebook *grin* and check in on a few other things. Though the service is slower than normal and extra patience is require.

Which are good things. It keeps me off the internet and keeps me focused on why I'm here: NaNoWriMo and writing.

Which I did.

My current word count is 38,350 with total words written today of 4190. I was writing up a storm inside while the wind and rain raged outsidr.

Another good writing day. And I think major parts of it will even be salvageable after November.
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