Friday, November 16, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 16 : Somewhere Over the Ocean

I know, it should be "rainbow." But there is no rainbow, only miles of Ocean. And the air is salty from the sea, mixing with the sometimes horizontal rain being dumped from the sky and blown about by the strong winds.

Inside the rental cabin, which is really the upper floor of a vertical duplex, the heater warms the cold air. We unpack the New Seasons groceries, our clothes, the necessary laptop, a bottle of Cabernet.

As of 10:30 PM I've passed the minimum daily average written words : 1675 words for a total of 27,696 words on my novel so far.

It is feeling more novel-like and the writing is more fun.

Now back to my writing and send this before I lose the unstable connection (I'm lucky; most carriers don't even work in this town!).
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