Sunday, November 11, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 11 : Heading to Hood River

photo by Johnny T. Cherig at The World of Waterfalls

Today one of my characters decided to take a little trip to Hood River, out in the Gorge. Well, let me back up and correct, because that's what she did. Earlier in the novel she was already out there at the house of her dead ex-lover, starting this bardo process. But today she told me that my muse told her that my scenes were boring, flat.

And she, of course, had the perfect anecdote: she was going to have me tell her travels of how she got from her lovely home in the West Hills of Portland out to the gorgeous house on the hill overlooking the Columbia River.

But wait, I said. That came earlier in the novel than where we are now.

So? she said. This is NaNovember and the order of how you write the details doesn't really matter, does it? Or are you pulling out your editor already? Her job comes later.

Okay, okay. I said and started typing. She's right. Editing doesn't happen yet and there will be plenty of time to rearrange the pieces.

And she's right that the scenes are minimal, and not in a minimalistic, sparse landscape, interesting kind of way. Dare I say it - boring!

So I wrote some today, right about 1000 words. My current word count is 21,086. This is 1086 over the target for the end of the day on Monday, and I will be adding more on Monday. So, for right now, I'm in good standing to finish on time, even a little early.