Friday, May 4, 2012

Razor's Edge: Friday 5/4/12

So far today has been another lesson in Trust the Process.

It started out as a very early (for me) day. Only to arrive at the job site and discover that the coordinator had double booked interpreters. There are multiple clients, so I waited for the second arrival time to see if perhaps we'd just been told the wrong clients. Another interpreter showed up for the other group, so one of us had to go.

I left. It was very early, like I said. The hour at which I got up this morning is only slightly past the time I once in a great while go to bed (which is very late, even for me). I had a rehearsal last night so didn't get to bed as early as I should have for getting up so early. But as long as it's once, I knew I'd be okay.

I was frustrated. The other people were frustrated since they've lost paid hours recently from this same mistake. So I did my best to let it go and headed home with the intention of going back to bed. Still frustrated but thinking that more sleep was a good idea.

I even changed back to my pajamas but I wasn't tired. I tried playing a really boring computer game but it didn't help. Then I thought I'd apply a relaxation technique and go to bed.

But I checked my mobile device one more time before going to bed. And there was a message from the person where I was also scheduled, offering to split the shift.

I said yes. And thank you. With the recent medical appointments and the pending crown, I needed the work. And I wasn't yet asleep.

So I changed back to work clothes, drank the coffee I'd put in the refrigerator, and rebuilt the contents of my lunch.

Yes, four hours was better than no hours.

After we switched, the other interpreter sent me a message wondering if one of us was supposed to be working the night shift. We'd both checked our confirmation emails and we were both scheduled for the morning - but perhaps a scheduling error that the coordinator intended to put one of us on at night.

The other interpreter couldn't do the night due to plans. I had a writing and dinner date with a friend, so I couldn't.
Finally, a couple hours later, the coordinator got back to me and said the other interpreter would be relieving me. And I told him, no, she was headed out of town. And I had a meeting.

Just after that, my friend sent me a message that she is sick and couldn't meet me; what about next week.
So here I am, a few hours after I thought I'd be at home, still at work with more time to go.

Call it fate or trust or faith - it doesn't matter. It was another reminder that I don't need to panic when the money gets a little jostled. Something will come along and it will be okay. Notice I didn't say easy; I said okay.

What is your sticking point? The thing that if it happens or doesn't happen will make everything else okay or better or messed up?

Write a list of 8-10 things where you feel like your world changes? Or things you have to have to feel okay/safe/prosperous?

Now write the threat to those things.

And your options for recovery or avoidance?

Tell me a story about a time when....
. .