Saturday, May 12, 2012

Looking Up

There have been several time related emails and posts crossing my path recently. Astrology, astrology and sexuality for all 12 signs, Mayan art and calendar. More.

Since this seems to be a topic on the minds of many in my circle of 3-D life and virtual life, I thought I'd pass a little along.

I'm not an expert. Sometimes I don't know what I believe but I'm open. Exploring. Yes, exploring is probably a better word than just being "open" to possibilities, though I am that, as well. I know a little bit about a lot of things. And I keep finding more that I know nothing about or learning more about some things which I thought I knew quite a bit but am (sometimes) excited to find that I am missing important pieces of information. And, sometimes, I find that I actually know more than I thought I knew, which is both a good feeling and a not so good feeling. The not so good feeling comes from seeking something more or something else or not trusting myself and my knowledge, skills experience. Although even that can lead to discoveries; if I'm open - see my post last week about going to hear a speaker and initially being disappointed.

All of that has nothing to do with astrology nor the Mayan calendar. Or not as far as I know, anyway.

I know a few of your eyes were attracted to the "sexuality" mention and are looking for the link. A few others of you may be thinking, oh no not that. So if you're looking for the link, here it is. The "Astrological Detective" is Andrea Gehrz, who translated and published an ancient Greek astrology text, an more. May the celestial vault shine into the bedroom! Sexual tips and tricks for all twelve signs by sexuality educator and performer Felice Shays. Hosted by Andrea L. Gehrz

Then astrologer and author Hazel Dixon-Cooper had a post which caught my attention: In Case You Were Worried. That caught my attention, so I clicked over to her website (I subscribe to her feeds). And from there I was led to the Mayan calendar story which, unexpectedly, is also about art.

And also about the fact that the Mayan calendar really isn't ending.

But I'll let you read about that yourself. It's an interesting article because of the Mayan calendar. And it's an interesting read because of the art. Read it here: Maya calendar workshop documents time beyond 2012 .

Astrology. Art. Writing.

Things are looking up.