Monday, May 21, 2012

Making Space for Opportunities to Happen

A couple of months ago I hit the schedule wall. All of the things I do colliding and running from deadline to deadline and someone called, "Halt!"

I said, "But I can't. There's no time to take time off. Really. I can't."

And she said, "When is the soonest you can?"

Then I said, "June."

She looked at me. She didn't need to say "So, do it." I knew what her words would be.

So I made it happen. The next possible time slot to take a few consecutive days off; more than just a weekend. And that time is soon.

My next dilemma was rather to stay home or to go somewhere. If I went somewhere that meant spending money and I wasn't sure I wanted to do that, since taking time off from work means reduced income (no vacation time). I looked at Craigslist and Vacation Rentals By Owner and so on. I checked out Groupon and Google Offers and Living Social travel deals. But nothing really was "it." I have projects at home I could do. But I also knew I needed some down time.

So I decided to let it float and see what happened.

And happen it did.

Last week a friend told me that friends of his in Seattle were looking for a house/cat/plant sitter. The dates were almost exactly the dates I'd planned to be off work. And, even better, the Seattle friends are writers and photographers from what I can tell, and, well, I said, "sure, pass along my contact information."

And so it came to be that I will be spending a few days in Seattle and the home of writers with their cats and plants and, well, writing.

Another friend of mine said something about me leaving space for this to happen. And she was right. I hadn't thought of it like that. But everything coming together as it did is a pretty good case of synchronicity, I believe. And I'm so thrilled. I've been thinking that I wished I knew someone who had a place I could stay and here it is. Seattle. How perfect. And with cats - lovely.

Leaving space. And trusting. These are compatible ideas. I'm working on integrating them more into this life.

Space. Trust. And Creativity.