Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Memoir and Bicycle and Work, Oh My!

I have all of the most current versions of pieces of the memoir printed out and in a new notebook. Each section has its own beginning page and ending page (some are chapters, some will become inserts into chapters, some are probably two or three chapters - and one is several chapters). This will supposedly make it easier to move them around. Or not. But it does make it easier to find them. When I found a "hole" - a missing piece of information or a place I want to add something, I used a page with the title or theme of that missing section.

And I placed them in order in the notebook.

Except that now I am going back to my original plan, rather than my newly hatched plan. And - oh, wait - yes, I printed them out in a way that makes them easier to move! Good for me.

Next step in the memoir: write the missing pieces and rewrite the other pieces so there is a consistent voice.

After that: editing. Well, after more rewriting and tweaking. Then edit.

And I took the bicycle out today. I think this is going to work. It was fun! And it feels like it will be a nice compliment to the exercise I've been adding back into my schedule. Swimming and biking and walking and weights. Yes. I've been able to add bits back in, slowly, cautiously, paying attention to my neck while swimming from the December car accident and paying attention to my back as I add walking back in. And now bicycling - this feels right. I know I've only started - but I enjoyed it and I haven't fallen off and I'm doing really well on flat, wide, low traffic streets. Yes, a lot of conditions in there and that's okay. Today I even tried a slight incline and I didn't fall, didn't run out of breath, and couldn't get the gears shifted quite right so it was really hard - but I did it.

Remembering how to ride a bike. Remembering and telling my stories. Fine tuning and being patient and going ahead even when it's hard.

Then work. All of the places I work and the hats I wear and the days and hours spent doing them. Things are coming together and it's going to be okay. Planning a little and some good news here and there. Setting some boundaries on scheduling and trying to stick with them. And planning little bits of time off here and there.

Remembering that I count, too. The people I work with - clients, students, and more - all count and are important and that doesn't devalue my needs as a person, as the person, the writer, outside of my profession. Fine tuning how I work and what I want. Being patient. Going ahead with the meetings and the new ideas, even when I think it may be a stupid one.

And remembering that this coming Saturday, April 30th, is the Write Around Portland event: WRITE! Several two-hour free writing workshops scattered around Portland. I'll be facilitating one and there will be a couple (that I know of) people who are Deaf in my workshop - and my friend and fellow interpreter, Steve, will be with me to interpret so that I can facilitate. I'm very excited about this opportunity, too. There may be more that comes out of this weekend that getting a Deaf friend and another person who is Deaf hooked on writing!

Moving forward, incorporating what works into the changes and letting go of things that no longer fit.

Write. Bike/swim/walk. Interpret.