Friday, April 8, 2011

Meeting a Memory

This is a short post, as I'm still digesting the afternoon.

It was a good afternoon.

And an unusual one - but I hope there will be more.

After my morning job, I drove to Salem and met for lunch with my best friend from childhood. She and I were best buds from second through twelfth grades. We had a little communication for a couple years after that - because I ran away and got married and commuted back to my home town to finish high school, so we weren't together all the time; our lives diverged.  (Yes - the stuff memoirs are made from *wink* - yes, this is the period I've been writing about in my memoir; yes, right now, editing, revising, adding/deleting - and she contacted me as I was writing the part about meeting the person I married who this friend I had lunch with today introduced me to all those years ago.)

I wondered what we would say, where to begin. And it was easy.




"Where do we start? Go back to the beginning and go forward, or start where we are and go back?"

"Or just jump right in."
And we did. We hugged. We were seated at a booth. We ordered lunch. We ate and talked and talked and talked. And four and a half hours later I headed home. After exchanging phone numbers (land line and mobile), more hugs, and a commitment to meet up again and continue the conversation.

It was a very good afternoon.

And it's nice and it's odd (in a good way) to have her back in my life.

So much has changed and so little.