Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hazel Dixon-Cooper's Retrograde notes

Mercury has gone retrograde, again. And I've found Hazel's notes pretty accurate for possible influences. The last Mercury in retrograde was a tough one for me - and I don't usually notice them much. Shortly after the events in my life began, I saw the link to Hazel's site in my reader and there, surprise, was just what I was going through, along with some timelines and guidelines. Those really helped me get through that period with more calm and awareness.

Thank you, Hazel (who is a friend and fellow writer with Bonnie Hearn Hill, and whom I hope to meet on my trip down to Bonnie's soon).

Mercury Retrograde in Aries - March 30 to April 23, 2011

Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas, is retrograde in impatient, action-packed Aries. Your mind could buzz with new ideas and brainstorms. You could also receive invitations, offers, and meet new professional and personal contacts. You could feel energetic and enthused.

That’s the good news.

The caution is to pace yourself and think before you act. Remember that Aries is the sign of impulsive behavior, and is ruled by competitive and hot-headed Mars. During a retro period in Aries, your mouth can easily kick into gear about ten steps ahead of your brain. The result? Pissing contests, bad business deals, and lust-vs-love affairs.

On April 11, Mercury spins backward into Jupiter, then into Mars on April 19. This is the critical phase of the retro period and it’s critical to consider your actions before you proceed. Make sure you understand what you’re agreeing to before you jump into a project or take on more responsibility at work. Give yourself breathing space instead of jumping into bed, or dumping a relationship. Impulsive action now can turn into a major regret later. On a bright note, these days are good finds ways to inject new energy into old projects, ideas, or habits.

For a sign-by-sign look at how this could affect you visit Hazel's website.