Friday, November 19, 2010

NaNoWriMo day 19

. .35,678  . . .

Yes, that is my current word count! I broke the 35k barrier and the story is coming back together. Realizing that the characters were hijacking the story through time and were not giving it to me in linear pieces was helpful. I sometimes get pulled in different directions as far as which part of the story to tell, so I have to keep good notes or parts may be dropped. But the underlying thread has been revealed, I think. And I have to admit the the main idea is still a little murky, but becoming clearer. I feel we are getting closer to the real point.

This weekend is about writing.

And getting the snow tires on my car. Sigh. Every year I have my personal debate: do I or don't I? It's such a waste of wear on the tires and wear on the roads if they're not needed. But the places I'm primarily working are in area that generally have more inclement weather issues than, say, downtown Portland. And the "coldest weather of the year" (I mock that phrase; I would expect the "coldest" weather of the year to be now...) is here - or predicted to be here tomorrow and Sunday and then predicted snow by Monday. "La Nina" is starting off as they said it would, so, if predictions are even partially correct, I will need the tires later.

I will also need an alternate route to get to my regular part-time job. There are a couple miles of the route that are a little curvy and uphill, which become a car skating rink with the tiniest bit of freezing conditions with moisture. Last year I failed to find the alternate route and the one I was told was blocked and didn't look to be much better.

With reluctance and apologies to the environment and the roads, I have already loaded my studded tires into my car and will be getting up way earlier than I planned so that I will be standing at the Les Schwab Tires' doors when they open at 8AM. I imagine I won't be alone - but I hope I will be early enough that my wait will be less than 2 hours. Last year I waited over 6 hours to get my tires on. Boo. Which means I must get to bed now.