Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNoUpdated word count

Good night. My new word count is: 6,375.

If only I could edit at the same speed as I write. I'll work on that. After November.

My story is moving along pretty well. The characters are behaving and giving me some backstory to write - but not too much. They are showing themselves to me somewhat, too, so I can write about their clothing, style, physicality, and so on.

This year, so far, I'm not using some of the NaNoTricks. If you've read Chris Baty's "No Plot, No Problem" you know what I mean. Or if you are a NaNo-er or know one. Since I've been editing my 2008 novel toward the goal of publication, I've found the use of contractions - the lack of use of them - pretty cumbersome in the editing process. To keep the dialogue real, I have to take them out (or at least most of them). So, since that's part of my writer's voice, I decided to leave them in this year. Contractions - yes! When it's appropriate, of course.

If you need a little distraction from your NaNoNovel - count my contractions in this post. Hehehe.