Sunday, October 12, 2008

so now is tomorrow ... or...

Actually it is the day after tomorrow, when I said I would be posting more about... Something!

I think that "something" was the activity on NaNoWriMo forums. There are over 20,000 participants so far and still adding more. People of all ages and from around the globe. Locally, there is a kick-off party planned a week before the midnight start on November 1st (which, boo hoo, I have to miss). Then there is the midnight write-in to get us primed and on our way - which I will be attending. I'm hoping to get in several hours of writing under the adrenaline of starting a big new project; from my count, I think there are about 25-30 people who've said they will be there, so far.

Even around the city of Portland, there are more localized write-ins scheduled. Various days and coffee shops and times will find NaNo writers huddled over laptops and even a few on paper and pen/pencil putting word to paper to reach that goal of 50,000 words by midnight on November 31st.

The forums are exciting. What a way to get everyone revved up, address concerns and questions, meeting others in your regions, get hints and tricks and guidance and even find a mentor. I have been doing some posting there, too. For me, it helps me keep the connection and the reason why I'm attempting this crazy feat, without my usual oh-why-did-I-say-I'd-do-this-thing fear-based self-doubt. It makes it seem possible again and there are people there to help.

I also learned that ML is "municiple leader" -- so the person or people who keep events going, energy high, and are the gate to and from the headquarters, especially during the actual month, I suspect.

I'm having a blast and I still don't know what or who I'm going to write about. I suspect that will remain until I sit down at 12:01 am on November 1st and start typing. And I am okay with that!