Saturday, October 18, 2008

returning home

It has been a short and hurry-up and wait busy yet not trip to Alaska. Earlier tonight I packed up my suitcase in anticipation of tomorrow's quick departure right after the last thing I'm scheduled to do. Then tonight had a really fun job which went really well. Then I got my boarding pass printed at the hotel's front desk, sent directions from home to the Seattle airport where my ride home will meet me and I will make the return drive to Portland. (Long story, but going from Anchorage to Seattle tomorrow was the quickest and easiest - the only actually - way to get home on Sunday night. Earlier this week there were a couple other options added, but my ticket price would have doubled.)

Again, I've found the people to be friendly, welcoming, and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely make the trip again.

So now, with everything lined up, printed, signed, and arranged, I'll go back up to my room and go to bed. So I can get up in the morning, have breakfast with a small group of colleagues, and then go to my final assignment. Where I may or may not actually work, depending on who shows up. Which is how this conference has gone and it has been fine.

I like this community, their commitment and dedication to improving themselves and the profession. And I've met more people and my own community has grown, despite the several hours difference.

And the NaNoWriMo numbers are growing. I just read a statistic that 2007 had over 100,000 writers participate and 15,000 of them were winners (complete the 50,000 words). Two weeks from today I will have some words written and my novel will have begun. I have no idea how many words I will have by this time in two weeks -- but there will be some!