Friday, October 17, 2008

on the road again

Here I am in Anchorage, AK, again. Last spring I came to proctor the national certification exam and train some local interpreters at the same time, so they are able to do it themselves. (There is a new test which has been out a couple years, but Alaska didn't have anyone trained in the new test, yet - same as some other areas. The old test runs out in a couple months, so will no longer even be available. So they flew me up to give the test and train others.)

This time I'm here for work at their state affiliate chapter conference. It is beautiful up here, with some snow already on the ground. And cold. And I'm sick. I was knocked down with an illness very late Tuesday night and ended up canceling all my appointments and even found a sub for my volunteer writing group on Wednesday. Today, I feel like I will get over this; yesterday on the plane to Anchorage, I felt like I was going to be sick forever. Flying and sinus stuffiness do not mix!

All in all, though, it is being a good experience. The people putting on the conference are very nice, well organized, and I feel comfortable with them. And the bed in the hotel is comfortable; I actually slept almost 9 hours last night!

Not getting much done in terms of writing ... but am getting a lot done in terms of resting. In the long run, that will be beneficial, as I will go into NaNoWriMo replenished, I hope.

Here is a picture of downtown Anchorage today from a webcam. Last spring it felt like early evening at 10:00 at night; today it felt like approaching dawn at 10 am. It's fun getting to see another side of the light/dark seasons. (Don't know if I need to see the dark nearly all day -- who knows!)