Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the Mend and On the Move

It was a good day.

I slept until my body was ready to get up. Yes, I'd set an alarm - but that was a Must Get Up in case I needed to sleep 12 hours. Which I didn't. So a leisurely sleep and waking experience.

Then I went for a walk to out local strip. To buy a latte and a sandwich to share with my partner. The round trip was a mile. Doesn't seem like much unless you've been following my blog and know that a couple months ago I could barely walk across a cafe to the bathroom. It was sunny and cool (cold, I guess - although it's relative; here 36 is cold but I know some places are nera zero), so I bundled up with my NaNoWriMo hoodie, gloves and a scarf. I made the walk without getting overly winded and without back pain requiring a pause. It was really nice.

Today I'm grateful I can walk a mile without hard breathing and without back breaking pain and without knee exacerbation. (My knee has been giving me some problems; I'm keeping an eye on it to make sure it's not medication caused.)

I'm also grateful that tonight the play went really well. I interpreted A Christmas Story with the same interpreter from last year and an intern interpreter. It went really well and I had a good time prepping with them. We played off each other well and we did a good job tonight. And it was fun. I'm grateful to Steve for continuing to be a part of the interpreting access team - I enjoy working with him and he's good; and I'm grateful to KT for joining the team and am happy to have her on board. She's good and she's a very welcome addition.

Then, after the show, I stopped across the street at Deschutes Brewery and there was an email from Ariel. In response to my request to do the two week intensive workshop with her. Yes! There was a cancelation, so I'm "in.".

A good day. A sunny day. Life is good.
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